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Wedding photographer London

Here is a portrait taken at a recent wedding at Chiswick House in West London. As a London wedding photographer I get to shoot in many different locations in town, which is a pleasure of the job. Alongside the pictures that show the wedding locations, I always enjoy taking some close up portraits on the day, where by the environment is hinted at but not fully displayed. Here is such an example. The subject is lit by even daylight, which is diffused by the walls of the marquee, the table and chairs are hinted at by being out of focus, but enough detail is given to give the subject environmental context. I think smiling can be slightly overrated photographically, a strong expression with direct eye contact (for me) gives a picture some depth and subtext – not that I would shoot a whole wedding full of frowns you understand……

bridesmaid at wedding chiswick house

  • David @ Married to My Camera - Such a beautiful portrait Ben and just the right level of detail in the background to give the pictures context so that it fits in with the rest of the wedding pics. There’s a touch of Mark Ellen Mark about this portrait due to the girl’s mature and slightly confrontational look to the camera.ReplyCancel